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Keith Trilogy

The Scottish regalia, hidden at Dunnottar Castle
Still on display at Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Gateway to Dunnottar Castle
Click on opening to enter the castle

Where it all began

You never know where marrying a Scotsman can lead
Janet Elaine Smith, Ivan Smith and the "piper" we hired for our 35th anniversary.

Many years ago, about 1974 or 75, Janet Elaine Smith got "hooked" on writing. No, it wasn't fiction; it was the experiences she and her family had gone through during their nine years in Venezuela as missionaries.
Soon she was dabbling in a Regency romance, but she was missing one element: some lost or hidden jewels in Great Britain. When she mentioned that to Ivan, her husband, he laughed and asked her why she didn't use his "family jewels." Well, one thing led to another, and the tale unfolded as to how his ancestors, the Clan Keith, hid the Scottish royal regalia at Dunnottar Castle to keep Oliver Cromwell from confiscating them and melting them down, as he had already done to the English regalia.
So, Janet set out to prove that Ivan was wrong, but before too long she had not only proof that he was indeed right, but she also had a huge historical saga in her lap.
After nine months of research, nine months of writing Dunnottar, and 20 years of trying to find a publisher, Janet Elaine Smith became an "overnight sensation" when Dunnottar became the No. 1 best-selling Scottish book on (out of over 8,000 competing titles) and rising to No. 90 on overall. It held that position (on the Scottish list) for nearly 3 months. And thus began the most fun ride of her life. She would love to have you come along with her to share her experiences as an armchair researcher around the world, not just in Scotland.
And now, without further ado, may we present THE KEITH TRILOGY.

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The Keith Trilogy: Book 1
A No. 1 bestseller on for over 2 months!
Dunnottar Castle, Scotland, the domain of the Clan Keith, close consorts of the royal family for many generations. The whole country is at war with itself: Scotland against England. William Keith, the patriarch, is the wealthiest man in Scotland, but he desires only to be known as the kindest; John, his younger brother, is eager to fight for his country, even if his motives are a little questionable; and Robert, William's oldest son, is off to battle, but his mother's only hope is that he finds a wife in the process.
Even the most seemingly righteous families have some deep, dark hidden secrets. The Keith clan is no exception; some of them so deep and dark even the other Keiths don't know they exist. But they are privy to secrets of King Charles II himself.

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The Keith Trilogy, Book 2
MARYLEBONE, the sequel to best-selling DUNNOTTAR, flits back and forth between London and the Scottish highlands during the regency era. Handsome young James Keith, wanting to remain anonymous, visits "the clubs" in London, where he encounters Caroline Kent, who has just returned from Vienna after studying the piano.
Caroline is immediately enraptured by the mysterious Scotsman, but he seems to disappear every time she gets close to finding him. She calls on their mutual friend, the Duke of Hamilton, to help her locate him. Keith, who is using the alias Robert Paterson, swears Hamilton to secrecy, as he is on a personal quest to locate the Scottish regalia, which was hidden byt the Keith clan at Dunnottar Castle more than one hundred years earlier.
Complete with two mysteries (who is the mysterious Scot and where is the regalia), throw in a famous person (Walter Scott), a secret which Caroline's father, the Earl of Kent, has kept buried almost as long, a surprise about the "mad King George" and you have the makings of a read that will delight you for a long time to come.

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The Keith Trilogy, Book 3
Par for the Course returns to Dunnottar Castle and the Keith clan, but in a new and exciting way. Mikki Jeanotte, a young golf pro at St. Andrew's Golf Course, just outside Aberdeen, Maryland, has been summoned by a strange-sounding woman who insists on having a private early-morning golf lesson. As Mikki waits for her, in a dense fog, she trips on an oak root, finds a black gooey orb she hits to kingdom-come, only to have it burst into a million feathers, and wakes up with her head on the lap of the man of her dreams. How did Mikki get from 1996 and St. Andrew's Golf Course, just outside Aberdeen, Maryland, to the 1500's and St. Andrews Golf Course, just outside Aberdeen, Scotland, with her head in the lap of Lord Robbie Keith, Viscount of Kintore, and in the company of the world's first woman golfer: Mary, Queen of the Scots? She soon discovers that the fate of Queen Mary lies in her hands, and she enlists Lord Robbie's aid to carry out the most far-fetched plan history has ever known. The twist at the end will have you laughing for months to come. It's history like you've never seen it.



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